We feel extremely fortunate that our local community was just outside of Dorian’s destructive reach. However, the hurricane devastated the Bahama’s northern islands as a powerful category five hurricane over the weekend. Our thoughts are currently with those affected by this terrible storm and what we can do to help.

If you are interested in donating to relief efforts, we have compiled a short list of vetted nonprofit organizations providing Dorian disaster relief in the Bahamas:

GWCF donor advised fundholders may request grants from their fund to any one of the organizations using our online fundholder portal.

Eagles Wings Foundation
EIN: 65-1089571 | Visit Website
The mission is to provide short-term emergency support to communities that have been affected by disaster impact. All of the work done by the Eagles’ Wings Foundation is made possible by a 100% volunteer staff that works day and night to provide support to communities with the greatest need.

Key Biscayne Community Foundation
EIN: 30-0239421 | Visit Website
Key Biscayne Community Foundation is partnering with Third Wave Volunteers to provide disaster relief in the Bahamas.

The National Association of The Bahamas
EIN: 65-0525850 | Visit Website
The Consulate General of The Bahamas in Miami shared the following list of supplies that will be needed in the relief and recovery period: Water, ice, non-perishable food, family hygiene kits (tissue, toothpaste, tooth brushes, towels, sanitary napkins) (2,000), water bladders (10 x 2,500 gallons), water containers (4,000 – 3 gallons), cleaning supplies (bleach, mops, brooms, disinfectants, garbage bags, sponges), baby items/supplies, plastic water bottles, cots (2,000), blankets, portal potty, flashlights, batteries, repellents (deet free), cooking utensils, temporary housing, plastic tarpaulin (2,000 rolls), plastic sheeting, plywood, shingles, portable generators (30 – 15kw to 25kw), chain saws, debris removal tools (shovels, rakes, axes, wheel barrows), portable outdoor lamps/lights, water purification kits, disposable utensils, power banks, solar powered chargers, flashlights, batteries, portable radios, cloth bags, biodegradable bags, first aid kits (sterile bandages/gauze – all sizes, tape), tents (20-30 man) and first-aid items (bandages, gauges, tape).

American Red Cross
EIN: 53-0196605 | Visit Website

The Salvation Army – Disaster Relief
EIN: 13-5562351 | Visit Website

Mercy Corps
EIN: 91-1148123 | Visit Website
Mercy Corps is mobilizing a team of emergency responders to the Bahamas following Hurricane Dorian’s landfall as one of the most powerful Atlantic hurricanes on record. Their team expects to arrive in the coming days to begin rapidly determining the most pressing needs. Please make an emergency gift to our Humanitarian Response Fund today.

EIN 37-1710848 | Visit Website
Provides critical funds that enable Airlink to ensure priority responders and critical aid can be swiftly airlifted into the region. Provide transportation for relief workers and humanitarian aid following disasters and other humanitarian crises around the world. With your help, survivors are rescued, homes are restored, medical care is given, and so much more — ultimately helping people and communities recover more quickly.

International Medical Corps
EIN: 95-3949646 | Visit Website
At the request of the Florida Department of Health (FDOH), International Medical Corps has deployed emergency medical and response teams to support the state’s emergency operations. In response to the devastation caused by Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas, International Medical Corps is deploying a six-person emergency response team, consisting of a team leader/medical coordinator, mental health and psychosocial support services (MHPSS) specialists, and logisticians. They will examine how International Medical Corps can quickly support the Government of Bahamas in its efforts to carry out lifesaving health and medical interventions in response to Hurricane Dorian. The field team also is working closely with the International Federation of the Red Cross to coordinate relief efforts, and has reached out to local partners for medical supplies in response to the storm.