Mission of Flight to Honor is to fly World War II, Korea and Vietnam veterans to Washington DC to visit Monuments honoring their service to our nation.  The purpose of Flight to Honor is to:

  • Transport veterans to Washington safely and respectfully
  • Provide an opportunity for the community to demonstrate their appreciation for their service
  • Allow young citizens to witness and participate in an event celebrating “service above self”

Website:  polkveteranscouncil.com

Flight to Honor Polk Fund

Flight to Honor Polk funds shall be used to cover the cost of flight missions taking veterans from Lakeland Linder Airport to Washington DC for the purpose of visiting memorials honoring their service. Funds shall also be used to cover the costs of supporting activities directly related to the success of these missions. These activities include but not limited to pre-flight orientation, mobility equipment, bus transportation in Washington and meals for veterans during the mission.

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