Funded by an Impact Polk grant by the George W. Jenkins Fund within the GiveWell Community Foundation

Jaylen, of Jaylen’s Challenge Foundation, stopped by our office with his sister Nina to receive an Impact Polk grant for his new program “Polk’s Bully-Free Schools Ambassadors Club.” While Jaylen continues to visit schools with his “No Bullies in School Assemblies for Students,” the demand is higher than ever with over 200 schools waiting. The Ambassadors Club is a step-by-step initiative program that prepares students to present the No Bullies in School Assemblies to their school. Ambassadors are instructed on how to become self-empowered and successful by making a difference in their school to stop bullying. Thank you, Jaylen, for helping to make our schools safer!

About Impact Polk 2017

Impact Polk is an annual grant program of the GiveWell Community Foundation with the goal of addressing community needs throughout Polk County. Learn more about Impact Polk.

About Jaylen’s Challenge Foundation

This nonprofit foundation is the inspiration of a wonderful little boy named Jaylen. Jaylen suffers from Tourette’s Syndrome, Asperger’s Syndrome, and severe OCD. He wants to educate people about bullying, bringing attention to the difficulties he faces in his day to day living. He hopes to make you laugh, make you cry, but most importantly make you aware that those with disabilities are not only normal – but incredibly special people. To learn more about Jaylen’s Challenge Foundation, visit