In July, GiveWell Community Foundation had the joy of presenting Bright Threads Ministries with an Impact Polk grant to fund their training video project: “Casting Out Fear: Volunteers & Kids with Special Needs.” Since then, Bright Threads Ministries’ Executive Director, Dr. Evelyn McMullen, and a team of advisors have been working on this set of four short videos that will give volunteers specific, easy-to-follow guidance on interacting with children with special needs.

Bright Threads Ministries’ training videos will be available to the public in early 2018. We look forward to the wonderful impact these videos will make in our community and beyond! Until then, we are excited to share a few behind-the-scenes photos.

Bright Threads Ministries offers training seminars equipping volunteers to understand the unique needs and behaviors of children with special needs. In evaluations following the seminars, participants often note: “This training has been very helpful, but I need to see how to respond to the behaviors of children with autism.” “Kids with Special Needs: Volunteer Training Videos” is a project designed to meet that need.

The project will produce four training videos, 3 – 5 minutes each, to help volunteers learn to respond to particular behaviors exhibited by children with developmental disabilities, particularly autism spectrum disorders. The four videos would demonstrate leader/peer buddy responses to a selection of these behaviors: meltdowns, poor attention, hyperactivity, non-compliance, aggression, and lacking communication skills.

About Impact Polk 2017

Impact Polk is an annual grant program of the GiveWell Community Foundation with the goal of addressing community needs throughout Polk County. To learn more about Impact Polk, click here.

About Bright Threads Ministries

The mission of Bright Threads Ministries is to help church leaders transform relationships and practices with people who have developmental disabilities. To learn more about Bright Threads Ministries, visit