Impact Polk Grant Makes Safety and Comfort Improvements Possible for Alliance for Independence

Alliance for Independence (AFI)’s Carleton Group Home’s residents can now move a little more freely and safely thanks to a $13,895 grant from the George W. Jenkins Fund within the GiveWell Community Foundation as part of the 2014 Impact Polk grant cycle.

The Carleton Group Home, founded in 1995, now features ADA compliant furniture in the family room and an ADA compliant walk-in tub and higher toilet in the bathroom. A wide driveway and widened walkways were also added in the backyard to easily accommodate walkers and wheelchairs in case of an emergency. All of these additions further AFI’s goal to develop an Aging in Place model which would enable clients to live among their friends and family as long as possible.

“[These additions] truly [have] made the home so much safer and comfortable inside and out for all of the residents.,” Shirley Balogh, President/CEO of AFI noted.

The home provides a stable alternative for developmentally disabled individuals, who, as they age, might otherwise end up in an institution unable to adequately handle their needs. Eight residents, ranging from 35 to 66 years old, live in the home which has a 24-hour staff to provide care and transportation.

Perhaps the best result of this grant is the news that, due to these improvements to the facility, AFI was able qualify for additional funding from another granting source. There’s not much that makes a granter happier than seeing one grant growing into further opportunities.

To find out more about Alliance for Independence and the Carleton Group Home, visit their website.

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