Bonnet Springs Park

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About Bonnet Springs Park

Located on 180 acres just west of downtown Lakeland, Florida, Bonnet Springs Park aims to improve the community’s quality of life by reviving the natural beauty of the woodland shores of Lake Bonnet and creating an inclusive urban park with multi-generational appeal. With help from the community, Bonnet Springs Park will be self-sufficient for its management and maintenance, helping our vision swiftly and effectively come to life without burdening local government agencies or resources. Great cities have great parks! Bonnet Springs Park is slated to be completed by 2021.

Donate to Bonnet Springs Park:

  • Donate to the Bonnet Springs Park Fund – Grants from this fund will provide support to the agency to carry out its role and purpose in the Polk County area, which is to acquire necessary property, develop, furnish, operate, and maintain a park for the public good and enjoyment, and any and all related charitable purposes.
  • Donate to the Bonnet Springs Park Perpetual Care Fund – Grants from this fund will provide ongoing support for the maintenance of Bonnet Springs Park.