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7 Tips for Writing a Stellar Final Grant Report

Showcase your organization in the best way. You spent a lot of time writing a grant application and are lucky enough to receive funding. Then the excitement begins of being able to run a successful program or project. After spending countless hours on your project you feel accomplished with the results and the impact it’s had on the community. Finally it’s over, or is it? Most grants require some sort of follow up report. It’s easy to just answer questions with simple answers, but this is your opportunity to showcase your project in front of not only the project manager that oversees the grant, but those that actually funded it. This is your chance to “toot your own horn” and show why your program is the greatest and should be funded again and again. As you complete your final grant report, here are some tips from our Grant Manager, Johnna Martinez, to help you write a stellar report. 1. It is always a good idea to refer back to your original application to see what goals and objectives you said you were going to try to achieve. The grant manager will look back at your application to see if you’ve addressed your... Read On »