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10 Best Practices for Impact Polk Grant Applications

The October 10 deadline for submitting Impact Polk grant applications is quickly approaching, so as you putting the finishing touches on your organization's application, check out the following tips from our Grant Manager, Johnna Martinez. These tips are personal suggestions for consideration and are, by no means, a guarantee for receiving funding. Brief Project Description: This is the first thing that the reviewer reads about your organization and program. This paragraph needs to be clear on what the organization is asking for and why it is needed in the community. A dollar amount is not needed here, but this field needs to catch the reviewers attention so that they want to learn more about the project. *This is also the only paragraph that our donors will see when considering funding. Amount Requested: This amount should have careful consideration. Don’t just ask for the whole amount without complete justification of why you need the full amount. If you can get in-kind services for some areas of your project, this may be more appealing to the reviewer and donors. Exact numbers show that you have really taken a look at your project budget and have accounted for every need. $15,000, which may be needed, may not show as careful of... Read On »