Impact Polk FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

1.   What’s new this year?

  • Due to Hurricane Irma and the strain felt by most organizations, and to be sensitive to your time, GiveWell Community Foundation is not be hosting an orientation meeting. If you have questions on how to access and/or fill out your application, please call us at 863-683-3131 or email AFTER you have reviewed the Guidelines (PDF).
  • This year’s grant cycle is a bit later than past years. This is in consideration of our fundholders who participate in funding projects and our desire to shorten the length of time nonprofits have to wait to hear if projects receive funding.
  • Maximum request amount has been set at $20,000. (Again, funding is never guaranteed).
  • While we notify all of our fundholders of the opportunity to review and consider funding for Impact Polk projects, typically applications are viewed and funding is considered by a limited audience. The Grants Committee will NOT review projects submitted through Impact Polk this year.

2.   How do I submit a grant application?

  • Watch the video tutorial below to learn how to create an account and apply for a grant using Foundant, our grant management software.

3.   How do I know if my organization has a profile already set up in your system?

  • If you don’t know if your organization has applied in the past, please contact GiveWell Community Foundation at 863-683-3131 or and we will let you know if a profile already exists.

4.   I forgot how to log in.

  • The log in is your email (or whoever is set up in the system). You can request to reset your password or contact us at 863-683-3131 or and we can reset it for you.
  • Once you begin an application, save it before you log out. If you log back in to work on the application, DO NOT create a new application, click Edit to continue the application you started.

5.   Can we see what has been funded in the past?

  • Yes, you can view previous Impact Polk publications on our website to see programs that were chosen to receive funding.
  • Those that have received funding in the past are not guaranteed to receive future funding.

6.   The system won’t let me submit the application.

  • There could be several reasons why your application cannot be submitted. Please scroll back up and look for highlighted areas indicating an error.
    »  Be sure to adhere to character limitations. If you go over on characters (spaces, periods, commas etc. count as characters) you will receive an error.
    »  Some areas require an answer. Be sure there are no blanks in the application and if so, please fill in or upload required information.

7.   How will I know if you received my application?

  • You will receive an email confirmation when you submit your application.

8.   How can I fund Impact Polk?

  • If you are a current fundholder at the GiveWell Community Foundation, simply fill out a grant request, either online through our Fundholder Portal or on a paper form. If you do not have a fund with us, you can donate online or mail us a check with a letter stating the name of the program you would like to fund. You will receive an acknowledgment letter for tax purposes.

9.   Can I donate anonymously?

  • Yes, please note on your check or grant request that you would like your donation to be anonymous.

10.   How will I know that my donation is used properly?

  • Any nonprofit receiving funding from this grant program must provide follow-up reports to GiveWell Community Foundation. This information is shared with the donor(s) of the specific project, and in the rare event that a nonprofit did not use gift monies as intended by a donor, GiveWell Community Foundation has the ability to intervene until donor intent is met.

11.   Can I help support GiveWell Community Foundation?

  • GiveWell Community Foundation provides many opportunities to the nonprofits in our community, but just like the nonprofits we serve, we require funds to be able to provide these services. Because the GiveWell Community Foundation has a strict no-fundraising policy, we rely on gifts from our fund holders and community donors to assist us in our work.

If you have any other questions, please contact us at 863-683-3131.