The GiveWell Community Foundation has awarded over $140 million in grants since our inception in 1997. Many grants are the result of a partnership of donors through Donor Advised Funds and collaborative grant-making initiatives.

Grants from Philanthropists

Many grants are made from funds that do not accept requests. These funds are established and advised by individual donors, and the distributions are determined by the donor for specific philanthropic purposes. Grant distributions are made on the suggestion of the donor or fund advisor, with final approval given by the Community Foundation’s board of directors.

Grants from the Community Foundation

Impact Polk

Grants are available from the Community Foundation’s annual competitive grant cycle called Impact Polk. With the goal of addressing community needs, Impact Polk is open to any 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity serving within Polk County.

To learn more about the Impact Polk grant program, click here.

Disaster Relief Fund

In the wake of Hurricane Irma, the GiveWell Community Foundation launched the Disaster Relief Fund to provide medium- to provide long-term relief assistance for local nonprofit organizations.

To learn more and contribute to the Disaster Relief Fund, click here.